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ADPR Internship Information Form for Organizations

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School of ADPR

Welcome to the School of Advertising and Public Relations

Request to Post Internship Opportunities

The School of Advertising & Public Relations welcomes requests to post internship opportunities for our students. All postings must relate to advertising/public relations. Internships should provide an advertising/public relations professional who will mentor the student as they perform assignments.

In order for our students to get college credit for their work, sponsoring organizations must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must have successfully operated as a full-time business for at least one year and maintain a full-time office other than in a private home.
  2. Must offer continuous hands-on experience as the primary function of the intern in advertising/public relations.
  3. Must have a supervisor with experience and expertise in advertising. The student should have a mentor to learn from and should not be relied upon to be the organization’s expert in advertising/public relations.

Please submit the web form below. If your company offers more than one internship position, please fill out a web form for each different position. After you have submitted the web form, we will review the position, and post it for you on our website. If you have any questions, contact: Lauren Ziegler:

Company Information
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