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Abbey Levenshus

  • Hoy and Levenshus Receive FTC Attention

    Mariea Hoy _ FTC

     Do you take time to read the risk warnings on drug websites before you take the drug?

    Mariea Hoy, an advertising professor at UT, has studied that question and determined that no, you probably don’t.

    Last month, Hoy presented her findings in Washington, DC at a Federal Trade Commission workshop titled “Putting Disclosures to Test.”

    Hoy and former UT faculty member Abbey Levenshus, who now teaches at Butler University in Indiana, conducted the research, and their findings were recently published in the Journal of Risk Research.

    “We looked at whether consumers seek out, notice, and read risk disclosures on a branded drug website,” Hoy said.


    See the full story in the Tennessee Today.


  • PR Professional Seminar- Mock Interview

    Mock Interviews  Dr. Abbey Levenshus came up with an exciting twist on her public relations professional seminar students’ midterms. On Sept. 16, Dr. Levenshus hosted a mock interview activity where recent graduates came back to help current students prepare for the job search process. In total, 10 graduates of the Advertising and Public Relations program were invited back to interview 43 students. The assignment was designed to give students practice interviewing for a job before they launch their career search in earnest.

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