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Public Relations Internship Opportunties

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Are you interested in an Public Relations Internship?

[One must be of Junior or Senior standing]

Internships are offered during fall, spring, or summer terms.

Currently Posted Internships/Practicums

How To Get Credit for Field Experience in Public Relations

Public Relations 492 gives you the opportunity to earn academic credit for professional work experience. In order to receive credit for practicum you must do the following things:

Be accepted as a Public Relations major by the School of Advertising and Public Relations.

Be of Junior or Senior standing.

Have successfully completed Public Relations 320.

Register for Public Relations 492.

Fill out the internship form located in the office 476 Communications building.

Students NOT affiliated with the School are NOT eligible for practicum credit.

You are eligible to receive one hour of academic credit for each 150 hours of on-the-job work experience.

There is no retroactive credit for practicum; you must make arrangements in advance with your school practicum supervisor to receive credit.

File in the school office:

  • The name of the organization you are working for
  • The name of your immediate work supervisor/ supervisor's contact information
  • Your work phone
  • Your home address
  • Your home phone

File the written reports by the deadlines specified for that semester.

For more information contact the Public Relations Internship Coordinator Beth Avery Foster,

Internship Expectations for Academic Credit will include the following components, which must be turned in by the end of the semester:

  1. A weekly timesheet (Excel spreadsheet) to encompass the entire duration of the internship - describing specifically what you did on the job and the hours you worked. The final timesheet must be typed before you turn it in. Indicate the total number of hours you worked each week, and the total number of hours you worked during the semester. This document is due the last day of class for a given semester.
  2. A 3-page maximum final report - describing in a general way (1) what your job assignment was, (2) what you learned and (3) what you liked and disliked about the job. Reflection plays a key role in the internship experience.
  3. A LinkedIn profile to include an updated resume and 2-3 examples of work completed during the internship.