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Courtney Childers wins the AAF Educator of the Year Award

Courtney Childers Best Educator Award

Advertising professor Dr. Courtney Childers, recently won the American Advertising Federation (AAF) of Knoxville ‘Best Educator’ award.

The Big Wig Awards which are held annually here in Knoxville highlight   deserving professional in the field of Advertising. According to AAF,“The Big Wig Awards call attention to these truly great professionals and shines a light on the most deserving unsung heroes in the in the industry.”

Childers says, "It truly was an honor just to be nominated. To actually be chosen as the "Best Educator" in Knoxville by AAF is a highlight of my career. In my 10 years at UT, I've worked with fabulous colleagues,   networked with many Knoxville-based advertising and public relations professionals, and interacted with smart and hardworking students. I love my job! My favorite part of the Big Wig ceremony was getting the  chance to cheer on several of our alumni that were recognized for their work and committed to the advertising field."