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Treise, D., Taylor R. E., & Wells L. (1994).  How recovering alcoholics interpret alcoholic-beverage advertising. Health Marketing Quarterly. 12, 125-39.
Treise, D., Taylor R. E., & Wells L. (1992).  A qualitative study of alcoholics in recovery and alcoholic-beverage advertising. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising. 181.
Waltman, M. S., & Haas J. W. (2007).  Advertising hate on the internet. (Schumann, D. W., & Thorson E., Ed.).Internet advertising: Theory and research. 397-427.
Waltman, M. S., & Haas J. W. (2006).  Advertising hate on the internet. Southern States Communication Association Annual Meeting.
Wang, P., & Berry M. W. (2002).  Mining Web user queries using relational database techniques. In Proceedings of the C. Warren Neel Conference on the New Frontiers of Statistical Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.
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Wang, P., & Wu L. (2007).  Use of digital information sources and Internet communication tools by academic researchers in US and China. Poster paper in Proceedings of the University of Tennessee College of Communication and Information 29th Annual Research Symposium.