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Littmann, M., & Yeomans D. K. (1985).  Comet Halley: Once in a Lifetime. 175.
Littmann, M. (1984).  Comet Halley: Once in a Lifetime – Curriculum Integration Guide. 48.
Tenopir, C., & King D. W. (2004).  Communication Patterns of Engineers.
Caudill, E. C. (1989).  Darwin in the Press: The Evolution of An Idea. 161.
Caudill, E. C. (1997).  Darwinian Myths: The Legends and Misuses of a Theory. 184.
Tenopir, C., & Ro J S. (1990).  Full Text Databases.
Littmann, M. (1985).  Halley's Comet: An Observer's Guide. 28.
Gourley, D. R., Clarke B., Gourley G., Chyka P., Haas J. W., & Wurtzbacher D. (2003).  Health education in rural communities using laptop computers for educational sessions.
Littmann, M. (1998).  The Heavens on Fire: The Great Leonid Meteor Storms. 349.
Littmann, M. (1986).  Hubble Space Telescope Handbook for Amateur Astronomers. 32.
Kaye, B. K., & Medoff N. J. (2001).  Just a Click Away: Advertising on the Internet. 146.
Tenopir, C., & Lundeen G. W. (1988).  Managing Your Information: How to Design and Create A Textual Database On Your Microcomputer.
Stovall, J. G., Self C., & Mullins E. (1994).  Online Editing.
Littmann, M. (1976).  The People: Sky Lore of the American Indian. 25.
Littmann, M. (1988).  Planets Beyond: Discovering the Outer Solar System. 286.
Littmann, M. (2004).  Planets Beyond: Discovering the Outer Solar System. 319.
Littmann, M. (1990).  Planets Beyond: Discovering the Outer Solar System. 319.
Caudill, E. C. (1989).  The Roots of Bias: An Empiricist Press and Coverage of the Scopes Trial. 114,
Caudill, E. C., & Larson E. (2000).  The Scopes Trial: A Photographic History. 88.
Littmann, M. (1982).  Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico. 34.
Littmann, M. (1980).  Springtime of the Universe. 30.
Littmann, M., Espenak F., & Wilcox K. (2007).  Totality: Eclipses of the Sun. 300.
Littmann, M., & Wilcox K. (1991).  Totality: Eclipses of the Sun. 224.
Littmann, M., Wilcox K., & Espenak F. (1999).  Totality: Eclipses of the Sun- 2nd Edition. 268.
Tenopir, C., & King D. W. (2000).  Towards Electronic Journals: Realities for Scientists, Librarians, and Publishers.
Littmann, M. (1972).  The Unisphere. 32.
Littmann, M. (1980).  The Universe of Dr. Einstein. 33.
Stovall, J. G. (2004).  Web Journalism: Promise and Practice of a New Medium.
Kaye, B. K., & Medoff N. J. (1999).  The World Wide Web: A Mass Communication Perspective. 404.
Kaye, B. K., & Medoff N. J. (2001).  The World Wide Web: A Mass Communication Perspective. 404.
Book Chapter
White, C. (1995).  Academy members on the Internet: A survey of computer network use. Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising. 245-247.
McMillan, S. J. (1999).  Advertising Age and Interactivity: Tracing Media Evolution through the Advertising Trade Press.. (Roberts, M. S., Ed.).Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising. 107-114.
Waltman, M. S., & Haas J. W. (2007).  Advertising hate on the internet. (Schumann, D. W., & Thorson E., Ed.).Internet advertising: Theory and research. 397-427.
Kaye, B. K., & Johnson T. J. (2006).  The Age of Reasons: Motives for Using Different Components of the Internet for Political Information. (Williams, A. P., & Tedesco J. C., Ed.).The Internet Election: Perspectives on the Role of the Web in Campaign 2004. 147-167.
McMillan, S. J., Kim J., McMahan C., & Fall L. T. (2006).  Analyze This: Developing a Coding Scheme for Measuring Interactivity Features in the Context of State Tourism Web Sites. (Richards, J., Ed.).Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising. 222-231.
Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2006).  Blog Day Afternoon: Are Blogs Stealing the Audience Away from Traditional Media Sources?. (Berenger, R. D., Ed.).CyberMedia Go To War. 315-334.
Kaye, B. K. (2007).  Blog Use Motivations: An Exploratory Study. (Tremayne, M., Ed.).Blogging, Citizenship, and the Future of Media. 27-148.
Tenopir, C. (1987).  CD ROM in 1986. Library and Information Science Annual. 21-25.
Tenopir, C., & Neufang R. (1991).  CD-ROM, Online, and Databases on OPACs in Research Libraries: Competition or Coexistence?. Online/CD-ROM '91 Meeting,. 85-89.
Hoy, M G. (1996).  College Students' Use of Home Medical Test Kit: The Prevalence of Home Pregnancy Tests and Use as Minors. (Hill, R P., & Taylor C. R., Ed.).Proceedings of the 1996 Public Policy and Marketing Conference. 57.
Allard, S. (2004).  Communication channels and the adoption of digital libraries for electronic theses and dissertations. Joint ACM/IEEE Conference on Digital Libraries. 381.
Haas, J. W. (1998).  Communication skills and assessment. (Gourley, D. R., Gourley G., & Wurtzbacher D., Ed.).Developing basic skills and knowledge base to provide Pharmaceutical care in a rapidly changing health care arena. 1-26.
Balaraman, K., & Tenopir C. (1990).  Computer Networks for Information Retrieval. Proceedings of PTC '90. 601-605.
Tenopir, C. (1985).  Contributions of Value Added Fields and Full Text Searching in Full Text Databases. Proceedings of the Sixth National Online Meeting. 463-470.
Tenopir, C. (1989).  Database Design and Management. (Olsgaard, J. N., Ed.).Principles and Applications of Information Science for Library Professionals. 52-68.
Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2000).  Democracy’s Rebirth or Demise? The Influence of the Internet on Political Attitudes. (Schultz, D., Ed.).It’s Show Time! Media, Politics, and Popular Culture. 209-228.
Hwang, J-S., & McMillan S. J. (2003).  Developing Measures of Perceived Interactivity: Application and Expansion of Scale-Development Methods. (Carlson, L., Ed.).Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising. 130-137.
Noar, S. M., Zimmerman R., Palmgreen P., Allard S., Lustria M. L. A., Matuza M. L., et al. (2003).  Development of a safer sex mass media campaign targeting high sensation-seeking and impulsive decision-making young adults. 2003 National HIV Prevention Conference Abstract Book, M3-C0903. 59-60.
Hoy, M G. (1998).  Dodging the Bullet: Targeting a New Audience in the Battle Against Unplanned Pregnancies. Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising Conference. 204-213.
Donohew, R. L., Helm D. M., & Haas J. W. (1989).  Drugs and Bias on the sports pages. (Wenner, L., Ed.).Sports and the media. 225-237.