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Advertising Internships

Internships It is highly recommended that advertising majors complete at minimum one internship before graduation, many students complete two or more. Students may receive one academic credit for each 150 hours of on-the-job work by enrolling in ADVT 492: Advertising Practicum. Maximum credit is 2 hours across two semesters. In order to receive credit for internships students must do the following things:

  • Be accepted as an advertising major by the School of Advertising and Public Relations.
  • Make arrangements in advance with the internship supervisor - there is no retroactive credit and supervisor must approve the internship for credit. 
  • Register for Advertising 492.

While a few opportunities are paid, the majority are unpaid. Although students should plan on regular weekly availability, employers are expected to accommodate students’ class and work schedules.

It is the student’s responsibility to seek out and secure his/her internship. Several local agencies and organizations take our students every semester. Additionally, the School regularly gets new requests for interns and posts these opportunities on its website and disseminates them through our social media accounts.

Those students who do internships know that such experiences open doors for future opportunities and make it easier for them to start their career after graduation. Internships give students: 1) an opportunity to combine classroom instruction and textbook reading with on-the-job training, 2) assistance in crossing the bridge between academic and professional life, 3) an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in fields not necessarily covered in depth in the curriculum, 4) the chance to create additional materials for portfolio presentation and to build relevant experience for their resumes, 5) a forum in which to receive both feedback and critique on their first professional experience, 6) a chance to identify problem areas and weaknesses in skills and knowledge, as well as find ways to overcome those weaknesses, and 7) help students to determine career objectives.

To further assist students in their preparation for internships and future job searches ADVT 380: Professional Seminar focuses on such topics as the art and science of writing a resume that stands out in a competitive job market, how to excel at selling themselves during interviews, and using the Internet to make connections, to name just a few.

For more information contact the Advertising Internship Coordinator Mariea Hoy, or the Coordinator for the School of Advertising & Public Relations, Lauren Ziegler

Listing of current Advertising internships