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What Can I Do With This Major?

There are many different career paths available within the field of advertising. The following table shows areas of specialization, possible employers, and the knowledge needed to obtain a position within a specific concentration.

Areas Employers Employment Strategies
Research Advertising Agencies Gain experience with statistics, data interpreation, and writing.
Product Analysis Corp. Advertising Depts. Complete a co-op program or internship at a market research firm.
Statistical Analysis Specialty Advertising Firms Obtain additional computer, math, and data analysis skills since resarch tends to involve "number crunching."
Focus Group Moderation Market Research Companies Understand both qualitative and quantitaive analysis.
Interviewing Consulting Firms A Masters or Ph.D. may be required for advanced statistical analysis.

Project Management


Consumer Analysis Advertising Agencies Completet an internship in account planning.
Competitor Analysis Brand Planning Agencies Start in Accoun Management or Creative then move later into strategy.
Secondary Research Consulting Firms Get a Masters Degree or Ph.D. that explores Anthropological and Social Psychological research methods and analysis.
Strategy Development Creative Boutiques
Creative Briefing
Strategy Oversight
Art Advertising Agency Develop and strengthen art skills. This is the creative side of advertising.
Copywriting Digital/Interactive Agencies Compile a portfolio of writing, graphis, and ideas.
Print Production Consulting Firms Work with college or regional magazines, publications, or radio and television stations.
Broadcast Production Publishers Including: Trade Books, Paperback, Educational Materials, Technical, Scientific, and Medical Take diverse writing courses to enhance writing skills.
Publishing Internet sites Learn how to sell your ideas and abilities.
Technical Writing In-House Corporations Seek experience in the field, even if unpaid.
Web Design Creative Boutiques Understand how critical strategy is to defining and determining the overall creative message.
Product Design Direct Marketing
Graphic Design
Advertising Sales Advertising Agencies Gain practical experience through internships, part-time, or summer positions.
Planning/Buying Digital/Interactive Agencies Internship at a local or national advertising agency, newspaper or radio/television station.
Research Business Corporations
Traffic Publishers Create a portfolio demonstrating strong creativity and marketing ability.
Direct Marketing Television/Radio Develop strong communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills. Learn to take initiative.
Social Media Newspapers Keep up to date with daily changes in digital technology and its diverse capabilities.
Interactive Marketing Government Agencies
Public Relations Internet Marketers
Account Service
Sales Advertising Agencies Learn to think strategically and to mediate between company and client.
Development Digital/Interactice Agencies Gain experiencei n sales by working at a campus or local agency or company.
Marketing Corporate Advertising Depts. Develop buedgeting and scheduling skills and be prepared to enforce deadlines.
Administration Seciality Advertising Firms Take advantage of computer science classes to learn how to maximize online traffic and digital promotions.
Planning Consulting Firms Obtain skills and knowledge of statistical analysis.
Information Marketing Firms
Retail Trade Self Employed/ Freelance

Because the study of advertising focuses on the strategic study of visual (layout), verbal (copy), and oral communication (presentation), it can be successfully employed in any number of professions.

Jobs for advertising majors can be found in: business, education, radio and television, journalism, public relations, government, technology, health care, international relations, law, and social and human services, to name just a few.