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Burns Entertainment & Sports Management

Skills Required: 
Skills Needed: Microsoft Office programs If internship, educational benefits to student: : Because of the hands-on training the intern receives, the intern should be able to: 1. Expand their oral and written communication skills; 2. Develop knowledge and skills specific to the entertainment and sports marketing industry; 3. Develop and acquire self-confidence, self-reliance, and leadership skills by allowing the student to assist the executives in all aspects of a campaign Not only is the intern supervised by the Office Manager, but by the executives in their specific divisions. The interns will meet one-on-one with the Office Manager on a bi-weekly basis to assist the student on job-related issues and answer basic questions about the company culture, work environment, career paths, and any other topics the intern would like to discuss. Burns' staff are here to provide a monitoring relationship and create an environment that teaches and develops the intern.
Internship Type: 
Public Relations
Janell Santiago
Evanston, IL
Evanston, IL

Burns Entertainment has been the industry experts in celebrity spokesperson
campaigns, endorsements, gifting, and music licensing and professional
speakers for over 47 years. Burns is not a talent agent, we serve as a talent
procurement partner leveraging experience and expert industry savvy to
negotiate and execute deals in the entertainment and sports space.     
Interns will receive hands-on training in all aspects of the sports &
entertainment marketing business.  Intern assignments include working in one
of our four company divisions: PR/Gifting, Advertising, Celebrity Speaking
Engagements or Business Development. Training will cover contracts, research
methods, use of the database, as well as general office skills.  In addition,
you will be provided with periodic informal seminars by Burns staff members
on their areas of the business.

Under my supervision, you will assist Burns executives with all aspects of PR
campaigns, endorsement campaigns, speaking engagements, personal appearance
and other events.  You will participate in the creative side of the business
by involvement in brainstorming sessions, researching celebrities and
athletes for possible events and campaigns, and compiling full bios for
client proposals.  Also, you may assist with event/campaign logistics and
some customer service tasks.