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The School of Advertising and Public Relations houses two of the most popular majors at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. The programs are nationally and internationally recognized for the quality of their scholarship and instruction.   

Our faculty prepare students to become leaders in advertising and public relations. Our students graduate with a competitive advantage because of the elite programs we offer. Our program offers opportunities beyond the classroom that involve professional internships, study abroad, and school sponsored trips to network with industry leaders.   

Our undergraduate programs prepare students to take on leadership roles in advertising and public relations firms. Our graduate program offers advanced study that prepares students to explore the evolving role of advertising and public relations in society. Our school offers structured programs of study coupled with the opportunity to explore related topics of interest.   

With its nationally recognized educators and wide-ranging opportunities, the School of Advertising and Public Relations continues to be a program of excellence at The University of Tennessee.

UTSMW 2015, The Power of Social Media


The Power Behind UTSMW 2015

The College of Communication and Information and the School of Advertising and Public Relations proudly hosted the 4th annual UT Social Media Week March 30th- April 2nd, 2015.

Social Media Week started as an opportunity to have established professionals come to UT and speak to students about how social media is used in the workplace. It has since evolved into a week where students can interact with knowledgeable experts in the field of their major such as: Communications, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, and Journalism.

Congratulations Dr. Taylor & Dr. Haley



The Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising selected Eric Haley, Ron Taylor, and Margie Morrison’s article, "How Advertising Creatives Define Excellent Planning," as its 2014 Article of the Year.

"How Advertising Creatives Define Excellent Planning"  - Eric Haley, Ronald Taylor and Margaret Morrison:


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